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Hey, welcome to my site of free shemale webcams. I created this site because I love talking to hot tgirls on cam, and have signed up at pretty much all of the shemale cams sites on the internet! I’ve tried them all, and I only wanted to list the sites that have the following: the hottest shemales on the web (not to mention the nicest and most fun to talk too! ;-) ), the best and easiest to use site interface and are completely 100% free to sign up with. I’ve even met a few of the lovely ladies from these sites, and was not disappointed! So if you love shemale webcams as much as I do, read on…

The first site is ImLive Tranny. They are my personal favorite site for shemale cams. The reasons why are because they have the most and hottest live tranny webcams on at any given time. And I really mean the most!  Have you ever been horny and on a chat site, and when you get there all the free chat rooms are so packed that all of the shemales are going private too fast for you to even decide if you want to talk to them in private chat? That’s because there are tons of guys online, and way to few shemales!

Well, you won’t have to worry about that with ImLive Tranny! They’ve always got TONS of hot young shemales and live trannies ready to chat at any time. They even give you free private chats from time to time, just for signing up FOR FREE. And, with so many hot shemales from the U.S. and Canada chatting on there, I’ve actually met (hooked up with ;-) ) a couple of the girls from this site. Your FREE memebership is WELL worth it!

The other thing that rules about this site is it’s layout and menu navigation. It’s super easy and fast to use due to it’s simple layout that won’t drag down your computer with long loading times, it’s fast loading and lets you get right to what you’re there to be doing  – enjoying free shemale cams!

As and added bonus, they have lots of pre-recorded videos of their hot tranny performers that you can download and watch just for having a free membership.

All in all, anyone that loves live shemale webcam chat with truly hot tgirls should at least check out this site, before they waste any time on another site, but my guess is after hanging out on this site for a few minutes, you won’t want to go anywhere else, simply because this site is THE BOMB when it comes to free shemale cam sites! Click here for a Free Membership.

The second site is Cams4Free / Webcams. Now, this was a hard choice to rate one of these sites first and another second because they are both so awesome and with out a doubt, hands down the best shemale webcams sites online today, or ever for that matter. I never came across another site online that could even compete with  ImLive Tranny or this site, they are the only two sites online that are even worth your time in my opinion.

This site’s got a ton of hot trannies live at any time. The other thing that they specialize in a 2 girl shemale shows and group sex tranny webcam chats. Not only do they have some of the hottest, most gorgeous shemales online anywhere, they arrange for them to meet and chat together, so instead of choosing which tranny to talk to, you get to pick between 100’s of live 2 girl shemale cams! They even have shemale group sex cams.

This site also allows you to be as specific as you want and find the perfect tgirl for you. You can choose everything from their hair color, breast size, cock size, race. Etc. So let’s say you like Asian shemales with big cocks and A cups. You can “build” that and it will return the perfect shemales for you to chat with. Or if you want a white shemale, from the U.S. that’s blonde with Huge Tits and a small cock, you can find her too! They have SO MANY hot shemales live on this site all the time combined with their software is AWESOME.

Another thing that you’re going to LOVE about this site is that they have a brand new, free feature time called happy hour. When a performer is in her chat and the happy hour button randomly comes up on her page, if you click it you can private chat with her for free! That’s right, and I mean a full on private chat where she dildos herself, uses toys or they fuck each other (if in a 2 girl or group sex chat) completely free for up to one hour! Now that’s what I call a HAPPY HOUR! So if you love shemale webcams like I do, do yourself a huge favor and check out BOTH of these sites right this minute!

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